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  • Moist, Buttery and Sweet – Schaul’s Cakes are perfectly baked, offering exceptional taste and texture in every bite. No matter the flavor, our cakes can’t be beat!
  • Multiple Flavors – Looking for something creamy? What about a fruity flavor? Or, perhaps chocolate is what you prefer with your cakes? No matter your flavor preferences, Schaul’s has the cake for you.
  • Perfect for Any Occasion – Whether for a party, event, fancy dinner, or as a personal treat, our cakes make the perfect addition to any meal or special occasion.
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Moist and fluffy, each bite of Schaul’s cakes melts effortlessly in your mouth, delivering a rich, creamy, and utterly decadent taste that lingers long after the last bite. A delicate crumb structure complements a perfectly balanced sweetness, while the buttery aroma teases your senses. Whether it’s a special occasion or an ordinary day that needs sweetening, Schaul’s Cakes ensure an indulgence that will make each moment unforgettable.

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Weight 60 oz
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Chocolate Eruption Cake (14 slices), Chocolate Layer Mousse Cake (10 slices), Carrot Cake (14 slices), Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake (unsliced)