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Cooked Style Bratwurst


  • Package 10 pcs 3-4 oz. ea.
  • An American Take on Sausage – The Milwaukee-style bratwurst is expertly cooked, showcasing a creamy white color with a subtle hint of mustard flavor.
  • USDA Certified – For top quality assurance, we source only the finest USDA-certified meats to offer beef and pork products with superior texture and unbeatable taste. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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The Milwaukee-Style Bratwurst is a delightful culinary creation that brings an authentic taste of Wisconsin to your plate. Known for its distinctive flavor with a hint of mustard, it is a fully cooked sausage, carefully crafted from a flavorful blend of beef and pork and seasoned with a unique mix of spices. Ideal for grilling, it delivers a deliciously rich and savory taste that is bound to leave a memorable impression on your palate.

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Weight 48-64 oz