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French Cut Veal Chops


  • Package  6 chops 10 oz. ea.
  • Specially Cut – Our French Cut Veal Chops are specially trimmed around the tips of the ribs, exposing the bone and creating a more elegant presentation of your meat. Additionally, the exposed bone helps handle meat during and after cooking.
  • Exceptional Taste – When cooked properly, your veal will always be tender and moist. As for flavor, veal tastes less like your standard beef, with more of a neutral flavor with a hint of sweetness.
  • USDA Certified – We source only the finest USDA-certified products to offer veal chops with superior texture and unbeatable taste for top quality assurance. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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French Cut Veal Chops are a premium cut of meat known for their incredibly tender texture and subtly rich flavor, making them a true delight for meat connoisseurs. These chops come from the loin of young cattle, ensuring a succulent and lean delicacy. Whether grilled, broiled, or pan-seared, Veal Chops provides a gourmet dining experience, offering a sublime taste that pairs beautifully with various seasonings and sauces.

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Weight 60 oz