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Gourmet Gift Tower


  • Assortment of Fruit – Schaul’s Gift Tower includes a selection of 6 delightfully sweet pieces of fruit. Enjoy the crispness of apples, pears’ sweetness, and oranges’ tangy juiciness.
  • Plenty of Nuts – Our Gift Towers come with a 14 oz. mix of our delicious nuts! Enjoy cashews, pecans, almonds and more in our assortment of fancy nuts.
  • Gourmet Chocolate – No Gift Tower is complete without a selection of our gourmet chocolates. Try our mints, chocolate nut clusters, butter almond toffee, or any unique chocolates we offer!
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Looking for a truly remarkable gift for any occasion? Look no further than the Schaul’s Signature Gourmet Gift Tower! This stunning tower is perfect for holidays, birthdays, celebrations, or milestones. Each beautifully wrapped package holds a delightful surprise—a selection of exquisite “mystery treats” that are sure to impress! Indulge in a 6-piece fruit assortment, 14 oz. of mixed nuts, 14 oz. of extra large cashews, delectable mints, chocolate nut clusters, butter almond toffee, and your favorite caramels. Give the gift of pure delight and make someone’s day extraordinary!

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Weight 32-36 oz