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New York Strips & Lobster Tails


  • Package 2-NY steaks 12 oz. ea.  2-Cold Water Lobster Tails 10-12 oz. ea.
  • New York Strips – Perfectly cooked New York Strips pack incredible tenderness and a tinge of chewiness in every bite! Not to mention, New York Strips are some of the most flavorful cuts of beef, a delight for meat connoisseurs of all types.
  • Cold Water Lobster Tails – Lobster tails are a true delicacy known for their sweet and tender meat. Our premium lobster tails are perfect for grilling, broiling, or steaming. They promise an exquisite dining experience, elevating any meal to a gourmet feast.
  • USDA & FDA Certified – For top quality assurance, we source only the finest USDA-certified Angus beef and FDA-certified seafood to ensure you always receive a product with incredible texture, unbeatable taste, and peak freshness. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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Indulge in an irresistible Surf & Turf combo featuring the finest cuts of beef and delectable seafood! Our New York Strips & Lobster Tails offer the perfect harmony of land and sea. Relish the tender, flavorful goodness of our New York strip steaks while savoring the buttery sweetness of fresh lobster. Thanks to Schaul’s incredible value combinations, you don’t have to choose between beef or seafood for your next exquisite dinner experience!

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Weight 44-48 oz