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Schauls Natural Juice Boneless Smoked Ham


  • Expertly Smoked – The underlying sweetness of ham and the smokiness of Hickory wood smoke combine to make the perfect flavor combination. Best of all, Our Boneless Smoked Ham comes fully cooked, ready for you to heat or eat.
  • Naturally Juicy – Our Boneless Smoked Ham is exceptionally moist, with every bite releasing a flavorful rush of natural juices—the slow smoking process locks in moisture, enhancing succulence for a memorable, savory experience.
  • USDA Inspected – For top quality assurance, we source only the finest USDA-inspected pork to offer you impossibly juicy ham with an unbeatable taste. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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Our Natural Juice Boneless Smoked Ham brings a harmony of smoky and savory tones to your dining experience. This premium cut of meat is carefully selected and prepared, ensuring a lean yet succulent product. We apply a time-honored smoking process, infusing the ham with natural hickory wood smoke that imparts a distinct, deeply aromatic flavor profile. The result is a superbly tender, juice-packed ham that delivers a full-bodied taste.

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Weight 128 oz
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