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Sheboygan Style Bratwurst


  • Package  10 pcs  3-4 oz. ea.
  • Deliciously Sweet – Our Sheboygan-Style Bratwurst is about as traditional as German sausage gets, with some added sugar that sweetens the meat and allows for easier browning.
  • USDA Certified – For top quality assurance, we source only the finest USDA-certified meats to offer beef and pork products with superior texture and unbeatable taste. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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The Sheboygan-Style Bratwurst is a fresh, uncooked sausage similar in color and taste to traditional German sausage. Made from a blend of fresh ground pork and beef, it is generously seasoned with natural spices and fresh onion, delivering an authentic taste that is both hearty and satisfying. Whether grilled or cooked on the stovetop, it promises a culinary experience reminiscent of traditional German cuisine, making it a perfect addition to any meal.

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Weight 48-64 oz