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T- Bone Steaks


  • Package  4  Steaks  16 oz. ea.
  • The Perfect Size – T-Bone Steaks offer the same incredible taste and texture of a Porterhouse steak but at half the size. This size difference makes for more manageable portions and faster cooking times.
  • Half Tenderloin – T-Bone Steaks offer a delightful combination of the finest beef cuts. Alongside the T-bone, you’ll discover delectable portions of tenderloin steak boasting the same level of tenderness as a filet mignon.
  • Half Strip Steak – You can indulge in the incredible taste of New York strip for the other half of your T-Bone Steak. With less fat, you’ll experience a more robust, “beefier” flavor when enjoying a T-Bone Steak.
  • Certified Angus Beef – We source only the finest USDA-certified Angus beef for top quality assurance to offer steaks with superior texture and unbeatable taste. Satisfaction guaranteed!
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T-Bone Steaks are a true feast for the dedicated meat enthusiast, combining the exquisite flavors of the tenderloin and strip. Taken from the front of the short loin, these steaks feature a T-shaped bone that separates the leaner tenderloin from the more marbled strip, offering a dual taste experience. Ideal for grilling or broiling, a T-Bone Steak provides a hearty, satisfying meal with every serving.

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Weight 16 oz